Teesdale Drive In Gutter Bracket for 4 1/2" Round Cast Iron Gutter

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These metal gutter brackets have a saddle suitable for 4.5" cast iron gutter. The gutter bracket is designed to be fitted straight into a wall where there is no fascia board present.

The Teesdale bracket also features an extra support to give added strength to the bracket. To install, drill a hole for the main support of the bracket, and then set the bracket into the hole using a two-part polyester resin. You can also drill another smaller hole in the wall below it to push the support into. 

This bracket has a zinc finish and will withstand repeated exposure to wet conditions.

All of our steel gutter brackets are made by hand in our workshop in County Durham. Our brackets are made from a heavy gauge of material, unlike many other brackets which are readily available. We pride ourselves on making quality gutter brackets which support the weight of the gutter in extreme weather conditions. For a full specification please contact us.

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